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Light of The World Ministries C.O.G.I.C.

Serving Daleville, Alabama Since 1990


Our Mission:

The mission of Light of the World Ministries Church of God in Christ is to help every church member understand their personal role in bringing unchurched people from the community to "The Light", so that the unchurched person can understand the role of Christ in their life, as well as that of the community​.


Light of The World Ministries was founded January 12, 1990. Moving from Germany to Alabama, Pastor and Mother Pulliam thought it was the right time to start a church (also taken into consideration was the fact that there were not many churches in Daleville at the time).  Soon, Light of The World became a well known church in Daleville and saints from all over were joining our ministry.  It is our prayer that the legacy continues!


  1. The Missions Department is available to minster to the needs of the congregation and the community. This department is responsible for coordinating and conducting hospital and nursing home visitations, as well as providing food to those in need. 

  2. The Outreach Department is responsible for home visitation with old and new members, correspondence by mail, and the Prison Outreach. 

  3. The Evangelism Department consist of Elders, Ministers, Deacons, Missionaries, and any members who desire to see the progress of the local church and the work of the Lord within the community and surrounding areas.

  4. The Sunday School Department is one of the major teaching and training ministries of the local church. This department is designed to teach and train all ages. Its focus will always cover various Biblical topics which stimulate spiritual growth and maturity.

Prayer Request or Information

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"I came to LOWM (Light of the World Ministries) about 3 years ago. My life had a few things missing at the time. The church and Christ being two of them. My first Sunday I met Mother Pulliam who is pastor Pulliam's wife. She immediately showed a sincere interest in my five children. I had no job, and self-esteem was not the greatest. Mother Pulliam offered me a job at Little Lites Christian Daycare . The rest is nothing but a real testimony. I have experienced so many blessings at LOWM and Little Lites Christian Daycare. Support, encouragement, and the saints at LOWM are some of the warmest people I've ever met. I'm really at a good place in my life. My pastor and Mother Pulliam are my mentors and spiritual parents.  


Francia Flower, Daleville

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